Barbara Bernard
art  design

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Straw Bales at Earsham II

Barn at Denton

Crowded Sheep

Near Mendham

The Brigadier and his Hens

Churchyard at Rickinghall

Straw Bales, Geldeston I

Distant Yellow Field

Cottages at Ditchingham III

Three Chickens

Sheep in Snow II

Southwold Harbour III

Southwold Harbour II

Snowy Fields

Sheep at Earsham

Dorset Fields

Devon Fields

Cottages at Ditchingham I

Winter Hedgerow, Bedingham

Mother and Lambs, Earsham

Sheep at Bedingham

Nantucket Cottage

Fishing Trip

Farmhouse, Stockton

Three Sheep, Ditchingham

Norfolk Farm

Cows on Outney Common

Gunnersbury Park III

Farm Gates at Topcroft

Four Sheep, Ditchingham

A Walk in the Snow

Distant Straw Bales

Wheat Fields, Earsham

Mazeres, France

Southwold Bathers

Snow at Topcroft

The Family

Sheep Resting

Southwold Harbour

Cottages at Ditchingham II

Bullocks on Outney Common

Sheep in Snow

Sheep at Benacre

Ilketshall St Lawrence

Bungay Church from beyond Bath Hills

Ocean Avenue, Sconset

Frances and Isla

Empty boxes

Anne's Spools of Thread


Barn Doors, Thwaite

Five Sheep

Sheep at Broome Church

Winter Hedgerows, Harleston