Barbara Bernard
art  design

How to take photos for a Barbara Bernard house portrait
Choose your favourite facade of the house. The house portrait design will be a head-on view of the house, not an angle shot. Please note that this is a custom designing service, not simply a photo scanning service.
Take several pictures, from slightly different vantage points (Trees, bushes, gates, and parked cars can obscure important features, but different views will give me maximum information.)
Try to get as far away as possible to help me get the proportions right. If the house is very hemmed in, an angle view from a distance will be helpful. Angle views from a distance are also useful if the roofline is complicated or there are various chimneys.
Needless to say, there will be a great deal of simplification in the design but close up photos of features such as the front door, railings, a decorative cornice, a window detail will all minimise guesswork.